Our Salsas
Authentic Mexican Salsas made with fresh ingredients and tastes just like it came from your favourite Mexican food restaurant.
Salsa Mole: Made with ancho chillies, Mulato peppers, pasilla chillies, chipotle, chocolate and 17 secret ingredients (contain peanuts) 
300 ml $12.50 
Salsa Asada: Spicy with red Habanero peppers and Birdseye chillies 
100 ml $9.80 
Salsa Roja: Jalapeño & fresh chillies combined with red Aussies tomatoes.
300 ml $7.50                         500 ml $12.50 
Salsa Verde: Green tomatillos with Jalapeños & Fresh Chillies 
300 ml $8.50                        500 ml $12.50
Salsa Package 300 ml: 1 Salsa Roja, 1 Salsa Verde, 1 Salsa Asada and 1 Mole Poblano for $29.50
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Alimentari Collingwood 302-304 Smith Street 
Collingwood VIC 3066 https://alimentari.com.au/
Alimentari Brunswick 251 Brunswick Street
 Fitzroy VIC 3065 https://alimentari.com.au/
Poblano Mexican https://poblanomexican.com.au/
Casa Ibérica https://www.casaiberica.com.au/