Important notice.
Dear customers y amigos, 
We like to invite you to read the following.
Our meals and food production is made at a commercial kitchen in Nth Melbourne, it is a shared kitchen with other businesses, although not shared at the same time, we make sure all of our products on the menu are mainly made with corn and our food has no gluten, except two items on the functions menu but we mention that these items show (contains gluten). Flour tortillas and Croquetas. We use our own cooking utensils, pots, trays, storage containers, etc. at all times. We have to declare that there might be traces of gluten in the air.
Thanks for reading,
Arturo and team. 
Trio of Dips, served with freshly made corn chips.

1. Guacamole con Pico de Gallo (Vegetarian)
2. Frijoles charros: Refried Pinto beans  with chorizo, bacon, spices and chipotle.
3. Frijoles negros con queso: Black beans, diced zucchini, jalapeños and Oaxaca cheese
4. Sweet potato & chipotle (Vegan)

Taquiza (Taco feast)
For groups of 20-40 ppl, you can choose 4 different types of the dishes on offer. 

Meat Options
1. Pollo al Tajin: Chicken breast pieces pan fried with Tajin spice.
2. Cochinita Pibil: Pork Yucatan style served with prickled habanero onions.
3.Papa con chorizo: Potato & spicy chorizo and salsa verde,
4. De Suadero: Slow cooked beef brisket marinated in an Guajillo Salsa.
5. Carne en Chile Pasilla: Beef steaks then mixed with chile pasilla.
6. Campechanos: Beef steak strips mixed with chorizo and salsa verde.
7. Barbacoa de Borrego: Steamed marinated leg of lamb wrapped in banana leafs.
8. Pollo Tinga: Chicken breast pieces cooked in a chipotle and tomato salsa.
9. Carnitas de Puerco: Michoacan style pork cooked in a family recipe.
10. Pollo con Mole Verde: Chicken and green mole.

Vegetarian Options
11. Tacos de Nopalitos con queso y Mole: Freshly cooked Cactus strips mixed with our famous Mole Poblano (contains peanuts) topped with crumbed Feta cheese (Vegan optional).
12. Rajas Poblanas: Spicy pepper strips cooked with grilled corn kernels then finished with cream.
13. Zucchini  & Mushrooms with Mexican oregano & blanco cheese (Can be vegan).


Antojitos is the Mexican name to street food or food eaten at home at parties or events.

1. Sopes: Handmade cornmeal masa cases filled with black beans, lettuce, cheese, cream and salsa.
2. Quesadillas: Folded flour (Gluten) or corn tortillas filled with: a) beans and cheese b) Chicken and cheese c) spicy peppers and cheese
3. Empanadas fritas: Handmade corn meal masa pockets filled with a) Potato and chorizo b) Picadillo (beef) c) Chicken Tinga d)Cactus with Mole (contains nuts)
4. Chicken taquitos: Fried crispy rolled corn tortillas filled with chicken
5. Tostadas: A flat crispy oven baked corn tortilla topped with 
a) Chicken or b) Vegetarian
6. Mini albondigas al chipotle: Meatballs cooked in a chipotle and tomato adobo.

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